As a rental car delivery service we provide services that are customized to meet the needs of our customers. In order to make sure your customers get the best, we make sure you get the best. With each delivery service we provide:

Car Delivery and Pickup Service

What does every client love in a rental car more than it being cleaned car or being fancy? Simple, a car that is delivered on time! Making sure that your rental car is delivered to your customers on time is paramount when it comes to a car rental delivery service.

People that travel and rent a car really appreciate when it is delivered on time. Making sure your car reaches your customers on time improves thier opinion of the services you offer. This helps them become long term clients. We make that possible for you. Regardless of where you want your car to be delivered or how soon you want it delivered Pronto Deliver will always deliver on time and make sure your business gets another happy customer for a very small fee!

Car Photo Records

We take 360 degree views of the car and the odometer at each delivery (and return), and send them to you so you have a complete record of your rental, making it easier to monitor damage and mileage.

Car Wash

Getting your car to the renter on time is what matters most but that doesn’t mean presentation doesn’t matter at all. Making sure your customers get the best service possible will definitely benefits you in the long and short run which is why we Offer Premium Car Wash services along with our Car Delivery Services.

We offer car wash services to anyone who wants their car to look fantastic, leaving a good impression on you. We offer 2 packages, pricing may vary depending on the car:

  • Tier I: Sedan ONLY (hand wash, vacuum) for only $25, minivan ($5 extra).

  • Tier II: Sedan ONLY (hand wash, vacuum, polish, aroma) for only $30, Minivan ($5 extra).

Fuel Service

To make sure you get the most of our services we provide our customers with free gas refill services, all you have to do is pay for the gas and we’ll handle the rest. You can relax knoing that the car will be full and ready for the next rental.

We care about our customers just as much as you care about yours!

You can also rest assured that we will treat your car as if it were ours an make sure it is handled with great care.