When we founded Pronto Deliver we wanted to base our business on a few basic principles, those were:

  • Making sure to always deliver on time, every time.

  • To provide levels of customer service which were traditionally unheard of in the car hire industry.

  • To make sure that the business of any car rental service never lose any face due to them being late to deliver their rentals cars on time.

  • To provide an easy and efficient solution as well as a website for rental services to make use of our rental car delivery services.

We believe that we’ve stayed true to these principles and have built on them in order to make sure that every rental service based in California gets nothing but the finest.

When we started out we had a relatively small number of drivers for hire and the internet wasn’t as trusted for commerce as it is today.

Now, our online booking system allows our customers to quickly and easily book a car delivery services at their desired destination and time anywhere in California. We can help with many requests that our competitors won’t which include washing the car before they are delivered to the renter and free fuel refill services.

Why We Do It?

Why we provide our exceptional rental car delivery services is simple, we want to make sure your service never loses face. We know how important shared economy is nowadays and how easily some bad reviews from a client that didn’t get their rental car on time can impact your business. We want to make sure you’re never in a situation where you know you can’t make the delivery on time due to lack of drivers and not have help to count on. With us around, you can always be certain that your car will be delivered to the renter on time, every time!